I am pleased to offer a relaxed environment where one can explore their most intimate desires.  

Swingers Clubs
It will be my pleasure introduce you to the lifestyle. 

Outfits & Toys
I own a large selection of lingerie, costumes and toys I can bring with me. 

Switching Roles
I am experienced in guiding someone who wishes to experience what it's like to switch from giving to receiving.

I do
not offer role-play bondage, domination or fetishes.


I enjoy spending time with couples. (Yes I am attracted to ladies.) My approach is to help you solidify your relationship by sharing experiences together. 

If you are new to the lifestyle, I can help you test the water, as a couple, and determine what suits you both.

I am happy to be the guest of honor to your private celebration. 

Note:  When interacting with a couple, I request to directly communicate with the lady. I need to asses the level of comfort of both partners in order to respect everyone's emotions and boundaries. 


I offer personal and discreet services adapted to women's needs. Yes, I do like ladies - very much so.  

Your First Time
I am experienced and comfortable guiding a lady through her first experience with another woman. 

Burning Desire
If you want to spice it up, I will gladly share some of my professional secrets. You will be surprised!

The Art of Seduction
I will go shopping with you for anything from cocktail dresses, lingerie or toys. I love to help plan a special night, weekend or vacation.  


My relations with my clients are very intimate, personal and caring. I am generous and like to develop deep and lasting friendships. 

Social & Travel
I am mature, highly educated, well travelled and speak multiple languages. I can discuss anything from mathematics to art history.

Pleasing Her
Women are very sensual, there are so many ways to excite us. Learning to please a woman can change your love life.

Special Needs
Whether it's related to illness, physical limitations, trauma or any other reason, I will take great care of you.