I have wonderful friends who are available to join us. just like me, they are absolutely discrete and professional. We are in harmony, create a synergy and make our time together the experience that suits your desires. 




Sofia is a gorgeous brunette with a flawless petite body. She's also of French background, we have a very close relationship and great synergy. 

We do duos and can add any other of our friends to the mix. Claire only plays with men.



Ingrid is a mature, naughty, Swedish XXX Star. She is tall, beautiful, blonde with a stunning slim body. She has perfect breast (34DD) and long legs. 

We are the perfect combination to push your limits. Ingrid, like myself, is totally bi.



Jake is all American and active in the military. He has a toned and strong body, dark blond hair, exceptional blue-green eyes and sensual lips.

We give shows and play with couples. Jake plays exclusively with ladies - sorry guys!