Concierge Services

I am pleased to offer a turnkey service. Whether you're new to NYC or just want to unburden yourself of all preparations, I can take care of setting the stage for our perfect time together. I can choose the hotel, assure the room is supplied with all your favorite drinks, food, or whatever your heart desires. I am very resourceful !

Dining  Preferences

Eating is a sensorial experience for me, I appreciate a beautiful presentation.  I have a healthy diet and particularly like Mediterranean cuisines with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.  I don't have any dietary restrictions or food allergies. It's my pleasure to arrange restaurant reservations.  

I enjoy champagne as a starter and wine with my meal. I always like a glass of chilled rose, a full bodied white or a light red.  I am happy to help you select the champagne and wine for our table.


I know establishments which serves deliciously handcrafted cocktails. I favor a lounge environment where we can have an intimate conversation.  I always enjoy a good tequila, mezcal scotch or gin. No sweet drinks for me, s'il vous plait!